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Mukesh Bansal

“I have known Dr. Anita for last six years and she has been my first choice for any ENT challenges. I had a chronic throat infection which she successfully cured via tonsillectomy. I always get objective advise from her, right treatment and find her very responsive in all situations. She was extremely helpful during my surgery and the two week recovery period and was very patient and helpful in suggesting remedies as I was struggling to cope post surgery. I am grateful for the experience as my chronic throat infections has completely stopped post surgery. I will highly recommend Dr. Anita for any ENT issues.”


Kasturi Mohan

I had a peculiar trouble that I wanted to get rid of. I had a very frequent occurrence of a cyst behind my left ear for 3 years (I just can’t describe the pain and I pray that none go through this), I have consulted the best doctors all over south India, But I was lucky to meet Dr.Anita Krishnan as my 13th Doctor. 13 is usually not a good number, but it worked well for me. Before I met Dr.Anita Krishnan, I had undergone 3 scans, but was not diagnosed for the exact reason for the cyst. She was just so brilliant in finding the root cause in my very first visit. It was only a surgery that could cure this and I was definitely scared about it.”

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I was having problems with breathing through my nose for almost four years. I used to have  nasal congestion ,stuffy head , sneezing , snoring , cold and all these made me unable to concentrate on anything I did . Consulted few doctors before. They just gave me nasal sprays and few pills which didn’t seem to have much effect. Then , my Dad found Dr- Anita Krishnan on the Internet and we fixed an appointment to meet her at Nova specialty center.”

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A grateful patient

Here’s a brief history of my allergic rhinitis and a short testimonial about my FESS experience –

I was first told that I’m suffering from allergic rhinitis about 5 years ago.  It came as a surprise to me because I’m a born-and-bred Bangalorean and I thought I was quite immune to the allergy problems that many people complain of, after living in this city.  Anyways, I was told by an ENT specialist that I should try alternative therapy because the allergy wasn’t severe.”

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Joseph John, MD, Citibite, Bangalore

Those who know about the soreness and discomfort of nasal polyps would understand the torment it offers! I was going through that for last 12 years and 20 ENT specialists (India and Abroad) experimented on me with various modes of treatments. I underwent a surgical procedure during 2009 and the results made me to believe that I lost the most precious sense of identifying the aroma. “

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My name is name is Subramani. There is nothing like anything if you are freed from a plaguing condition. I actually had to count myself the number of times I was breathing easily, more importantly freely. My nose used to get blocked every day 30 minutes. During sleep I would be fortunate if either one of the nostrils was free.To get rid of this condition I surrendered to temporary solution using “Otrivin” nasal relieving spray. Though it provides relief fast and for shorter period, it has severe adverse effects such addicting ourselves to this and even heard it increases the blood pressure, not sure but pretty scary.It may sound ironic that my wife is a doctor, and she was persisting since a long time to get operated.”

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Karthik V Narayan, Student of Architecture, Bangalore

Difficulty in sleeping, a blocked nose, regular headaches, facial pain, noisy breathing not only during sleep but also during the day, regular sinus infections; these unfortunately had almost become a part of me and who I was so much so that I had learnt how to deal with it atleast to an extent. The problem of the deviated septum was identified many years ago by my paediatrician who pointed it out during a consultation.”

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Chanchal Verma

It has been a very wonderful experience getting treatment by Dr. Anita Krishnan. I was suffering with a nose problem from a very long time but got to meet Dr. Anita only after having dissatisfying experience with 4-5 doctors all ENTs. I was referred surgery by other doctors as well, but they couldn’t remove mental fears which one would have regarding surgery but Dr. Anita did it, I undergone surgeries called “Septoplasty & Turbinoplasty” done by her, and I must say she handled it pretty well, making it almost painless, and during all the time she was very caring, and attentive to me and was always there whenever I needed her, after all such meetings she became almost like family.The most commendable quality in her.”

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Capt. Ali Najeeb, Maldives

Navaal, my son, is 7 years old and had terrible allergies coughs, vomiting and headaches frequently. His difficulties caused me to feel very concerned so I took him to a number of Doctors in my country.Finally, I went to India, Nova medical centre, from there Dr.Anita told us that he had enlarged adenoids that needed to be removed surgically. His Surgery was scheduled accordingly and I hoped that he would be back to good health. After the surgery he seemed much better, Also I noticed his allergies had gotten better.”

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Deepthi Corray, Bangalore

After consulting 3 doctors i landed upon Dr Anita Krishnan. I heard a lot about her through internet and must says she is the best ENT Doctor i have met in Bangalore. Once you consult her you will never visit another ENT specialist and infact suggest all your friends to her.Throughout my journey of treatment and surgery she is always been very friendly and helping. She clears all your doubt and talks in a language known to common people.”

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