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Karthik V Narayan, Student of Architecture, Bangalore

Difficulty in sleeping, a blocked nose, regular headaches, facial pain, noisy breathing not only during sleep but also during the day, regular sinus infections; these unfortunately had almost become a part of me and who I was so much so that I had learnt how to deal with it atleast to an extent. The problem of the deviated septum was identified many years ago by my paediatrician who pointed it out during a consultation.

The problems seemed to get a lot worse during July 2011. I was required to travel out to Japan to present a paper and I had just come back from a stint at Sri Lanka. My headaches were getting worse and so were my sinus infections. This led to another try with a general physician at the Sagar Hospital. I was asked to get an X-ray done. My doctor was quite shocked to see the extent of deviation and recommended that I meet Dr Anita Krishnan at Nova Medical Centre. Now I set up an appointment and arrived the next day. Dr Anita looked into my X-ray as well and advised me to undergo a Septoplasty. Now I am quite the lateral thinker hence do not quickly comprehend large terminologies. She somehow got that from my expression and explained it rather well pictorially. Since I had a couple of months to travel I was advised to do it as soon as possible. The staff at Nova were also were helpful and resourceful.

Being quite inquisitive and obnoxious at times, I had more than a million questions which I had bothered Dr Anita with. I appreciate the fact that she patiently took the time to make me feel comfortable and tried her best to answer all my queries however vague they were. Although I have been a veteran with accidents and surgeries I was a little perturbed about this one. Dr Anita explained how the surgery was going to be performed which was rather reassuring. I went ahead with the surgery the same month. Post-surgery the facilities available at Nova were fulfilling. I was required to stay at home for 2 days and then get back to work. Once my cast was removed, I was on medication for almost a month and could slowly notice my problems going away. My greatest relief was my ability to breathe easy, something that I had not experienced in over two decades. Dr Anita, with her friendly conversations yet serious footnotes made the entire process very comfortable. I am completely indebted to her for this.”

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