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Deepthi Corray, Bangalore

After consulting 3 doctors i landed upon Dr Anita Krishnan. I heard a lot about her through internet and must says she is the best ENT Doctor i have met in Bangalore. Once you consult her you will never visit another ENT specialist and infact suggest all your friends to her. Throughout my journey of treatment and surgery she is always been very friendly and helping. She clears all your doubt and talks in a language known to common people. She provides her number to her patients and i must say she has attended all my calls and cleared my doubts even at the oddest time.Thank You Dr.

I remember the time when i called you on an off day because a fish thorn was stuck in my husbands throat. You didn’t hesitate a second and was there in Nova in 10 minutes. Thank you for that:)

I wish all the best for Dr Anita for all her future assignment .Your the most stylish Dr i have met.You rock Dr Anita Krishnan.”

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