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Capt. Ali Najeeb, Maldives

Navaal, my son, is 7 years old and had terrible allergies coughs, vomiting and headaches frequently. His difficulties caused me to feel very concerned so I took him to a number of Doctors in my country. Finally, I went to India, Nova medical centre, from there Dr.Anita told us that he had enlarged adenoids that needed to be removed surgically. His Surgery was scheduled accordingly and I hoped that he would be back to good health. After the surgery he seemed much better, Also I noticed his allergies had gotten better.

Dr. Anita and the staff were fantastic, very supportive and professional. It made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to go through with the surgery, Dr.Anita did an amazing job and the surgery went extremely well.I would recommend Dr.Anita to my friends and family. Its been a wonderful experience.”

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