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Chanchal Verma

It has been a very wonderful experience getting treatment by Dr. Anita Krishnan. I was suffering with a nose problem from a very long time but got to meet Dr. Anita only after having dissatisfying experience with 4-5 doctors all ENTs. I was referred surgery by other doctors as well, but they couldn’t remove mental fears which one would have regarding surgery but Dr. Anita did it, I undergone surgeries called “Septoplasty & Turbinoplasty” done by her, and I must say she handled it pretty well, making it almost painless, and during all the time she was very caring, and attentive to me and was always there whenever I needed her, after all such meetings she became almost like family.The most commendable quality in her I would say is her listening skills and her patience, she never stopped me in between, she always had time for me, never seemed in hurry while attending me. With all patience she answered even those questions of mine which were not related to my medical problem.

These qualities which one rarely finds in doctors of today’s world.

Best wishes to Dr. Anita Krishnan for her future, and may the almighty bless her so she can keep on contributing to improve human health & life.”

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