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The Ear

The ear is the sense organ that helps us to hear sounds and also maintain the body balance. The ear being a sensitive organ is prone to illnesses and conditions such as Acute Mastoiditis, Acute Suppurative Otis Media, Chronic Suppurative Otitis, Bezold’s Abscess. The ear is also prone to ear infections that could result in a lot of pain and also conditions like Ear Cholesteatoma, Macewen’s Triangle, Vertigo, Ototoxicity, Serous Otitis Media, Acoustic Neuroma etc

Treatments for all sorts of ear related conditions are available with us.

The Nose

The nose is a part of the olfactory system the also helps out with breathing. The nose is a very sensitive organ and the presence of foreign bodies in the nose could result in breathing problems easily.

Nasal allergies, Nasal deformities, Epistaxis, Polyps are common conditions that affect the organ. Treatments for all sort of nose-related conditions including Nasal Bone Fracture and Rhinoplasty are available with us.

The Throat

The Throat is the part of the human body that performs in or is a part of multiple life functions. It aids with food ingestion, breathing and more.

The throat is prone to conditions and illnesses like Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Oral Leukoplakia, Voice Disorders, Salivary gland problems, Hoarseness, Laryngeal Vocal Cord Palsy, Laryngeal Vocal Nodules, Cancer of the Larynx etc. The presence of foreign bodies in the throat could also cause a lot of problems.

Pediatric ENT Problems

Children are prone to their fair share of ENT problems.Pediatric ENT Problems include conditions like Ear pain, Hearing difficulties, Blockage of ears, Snoring, Mouth breathing, Headaches, Recurrent cold and upper airway obstruction, to name a few.

Other Procedures

We offer many procedures which include, Audiometry, Fistula Test, Ear Syringing, FESS, Webers Test, Tracheostomy, Rinne’s Test, Nasal Septum Correction, Cochlear implants, Myringotomy and Mastoidectomy. We also offer treatment for Bells Palsy.

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