Laser Tonsillectomy

The laser tonsillectomy technique is intended for patients suffering from chronic conditions of tonsillitis or from abnormally large sized tonsils. This technically advanced procedure aims at reducing the size of the tonsils and improving the conditions of patients without actually having to undergo any surgeries that involve cutting or making incisions. The surgical process employs state-of-the-art laser technology as the core element of the procedure.

What is Laser Tonsillectomy used for?

Laser tonsillectomy is generally performed for alleviating certain tonsil related conditions and some of the problems that are cured by this surgery are:

  • Chronically affected tonsillitis
  • Recurring painful tonsillitis symptoms
  • Appearance of tonsil stones and Patients with over sized tonsils have known to be suffering from problems like heavy snoring and sleep apnea (a condition in which people temporarily stop breathing during their sleep).


Surgical process of Laser Tonsillectomy

Unlike the conventional methods utilized for removing the tonsils, laser tonsillectomy makes use of high powered lasers to simply vaporize the outer surface of the tonsils thereby reducing the size of the tonsils and eradicating any tonsil related infections and any potential recurrence.

Advantages of Laser Tonsillectomy

The surgical procedures involved in laser tonsillectomy are considered highly advantageous over the other typical methods of tonsillectomy because:

  • There have been recorded cases of faster recovery of patients after the surgery.
  • Since the surgery involves vaporizing the tonsils, bleeding is controlled and less or no bleeding complications arise.
  • Patients can drive themselves home just after the surgery.
  • The patient can return to work within 3-4 days of the surgery and very little rest is required.