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Kasturi Mohan, Bangalore

I had a peculiar trouble that I wanted to get rid of. I had a very frequent occurrence of a cyst behind my left ear for 3 years (I just can’t describe the pain and I pray that none go through this), I have consulted the best doctors all over south India, But I was lucky to meet Dr.Anita Krishnan as my 13th Doctor. 13 is usually not a good number, but it worked well for me. Before I met Dr.Anita Krishnan, I had undergone 3 scans, but was not diagnosed for the exact reason for the cyst. She was just so brilliant in finding the root cause in my very first visit. It was only a surgery that could cure this and I was definitely scared about it.
I took over a year to nod to this surgery, but had finally gathered courage to get that done; I had a condition to my family if I have to get this surgery done. The condition was ” I undergo the surgery in Bangalore and it will be Dr.Anita ONLY who will perform it” . She fed me with confidence that I would be fine at the end of all this and that she would do all that she could to make me feel better.

The day arrived for my surgery, And * I think* it was her 3rd surgery in the day , it was just 12:00 PM, She ensured she spent time with us and was very confident that she would get me out of the suffering after the surgery..

I have to mention, she took extra care to ensure that there were no scars and sutures that were seen on my face. I was back to office in a week’s time and none of my colleagues believed that I went through the surgery. They felt I had bluffed to take a week’s vacation. That was the magic she did!

It’s year now, and I haven’t faced any troubles. And I am writing this on my Surgery Anniversary date

A – Attitude that is positive, upbeat and comforting to all
N – Never too busy to see or speak with her patients
I – Initiative to take on challenges (like my ear-throat troubles) & Insight, to make it all work out right
T – Therapeutic hands that are dedicated to cure
A – Amicable doctor

These are the few words that I would choose to describe Dr.Anita.
Thank You Dr.Anita The gift for all this is people who would reach out to you to be out of pain and suffering.

You definitely did a “MAGIC” on me
Love…and Thank you zillions”

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