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  • 2nd International meet on Head and Neck Surgery, CO2 Laser Surgery-Near Total Laryngectomy, March8-9,1997.
  • Took part in the Vth Annual conference of the Indian Society of Otology, 21-23rd November 1996 at Chennai.
  • Attended the International Live Surgical Workshop on FESS(Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery), December 2003.
  • Attended the 17th Annual Conference Of All India Rhinology Society, September 2004.
  • Basic Trauma Life Support Provider Course and Basic Trauma Life Support Instructor course 2003 from University Of Minnesota Medical School
  • Biennial conference of Indian Society of Oncology,2004.
  • 54th National Conference of the Indian Association of Otolaryngologists 2002.
  • Took part in the Association of Pediatric Otolaryngologists of India and Association of Otolaryngologists of India, Karnataka chapter conference, September 2002.
  • CME on Frontal Sinus Disease- Challenges and Management on 12th Feb 2012 at Bangalore.
  • Workshop on New Trends in Phonosurgery conducted by Association of Otolaryngologists of India on Dec 17th, 2006.


  • Live surgical workshop of FESS under the guidance of Prof Heinz Stamberger,2011.
  • 2nd International Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop (A hands on course and live surgery workshop) at K.S.Hegde Medical Academy, Mangalore 2003.
  • International Live Surgical Workshop Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, 2003.
  • Phonosurgery and video-endoscopic laryngeal surgery workshop at St John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore 2001.
  • Advanced Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop at Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore 1998.
  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop at P.D.Hinduja Hospital, Bangalore 1996.
  • Workshop at the Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore(microsurgery of the ear) 1996.
  • Phonosurgery and video endoscopic laryngeal surgery workshop, 2001.
  • Workshop on Advanced Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery July 1998 at KIMS, Bangalore.
  • FESS workshop at P D Hinduja hospital on 27 and 28 April, 1996.
  • Workshop on Head and Neck Surgery held at KMIO on 7th October 2004.

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