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Ent Specialist in Bangalore

Welcome to ENT Care, an initiative by Dr Anita Krishnan. Her experience as an ENT specialist and surgeon in Bangalore helped her understand the challenges faced by urban technology professionals with regard to ENT related health issues. Through the ENT care website, she focuses on the health impact of today’s changing lifestyles and on guiding busy professionals to solutions tailor-made for them.

To make the right decision on health and medical treatments requires access to authentic information on all possible options. Everyone deserves to get the treatment that fits their priorities and unique requirements. This has to be backed by experienced professionals with an ethical outlook and access to the best facilities. Beyond providing the right choice of treatment, Dr. Anita Krishnan’s practice ensures that you are personally guided through every phase of the treatment with best facilities and monitored through your post-treatment phase and beyond. The focus is on a blend of a trusted, personal relationship and indepth experience that delivers results.

Short hospital stay

Manage the quality and length of your hospital stay in cases where options are available.

Non-invasive surgery

Make the right decision on surgical intervention including considering non invasive alternatives.

Relief from chronic issues

Cope with chronic issues through better management, symptomatic treatment or intervention

Ent Surgeon in Bangalore

Dr. Anita Krishnan
ENT Surgeon, Bangalore
DNB (Otorhinolaryngology)


  • “I have known Dr. Anita for last six years and she has been my first choice for any ENT challenges. I had a chronic throat infection which she successfully cured via tonsillectomy. I always get objective advise from her, right treatment and find her very responsive in all situations. She was extremely helpful during my surgery and the two week recovery period and was very patient and helpful in suggesting remedies as I was struggling to cope post surgery.”  read more – Mukesh Bansal
  • “Really need to say that she is THE best doctor I have met. A very important trait a doctor should have is the listening skill. Dr. Anita has this in abundance.The pre, operation procedure and the past operation went so smooth, I need not worry a lot.Explained me exactly what will need done, and answered all my questions patiently.All in all I can only thank Dr. Anita Krishnan for the successful operation.” – Subramani
  • “Those who know about the soreness and discomfort of nasal polyps would understand the torment it offers! I was going through that for last 12 years and 20 ENT specialists (India and Abroad) experimented on me with various modes of treatments. I underwent a surgical procedure during 2009 and the results made me to believe that I lost the most precious sense of identifying the aroma. ” – Joseph John

Balloon Sinuplasty

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Managing Chronic ENT problems is a challenge that requires having the right information and constantly keeping updated with treatment options. Contact ENT Care to get professional help on managing Chronic ENT health issues.

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